Multidimensional Realism: A New Twist On The Old

It is impossible to see in this photo just how three dimensional this painting is.

This work was painted while in worship. There are some things about it that I have no explanation for, like the fact that the face changes from a smile to a sigh when one walks toward it in a large room, or the way the face changes dramatically when the light is changed from left to right.

This painting took 10mos. to paint and contains some unusual media. The hair is real hair of many types donated by a friend of mine who is a beautician, painted as if one type. The whip contains real glass and rocks. His skin tones are made up of the skin tones of every race of people; fitting since Jesus is the second Adam, and all men came from Adam.

I have a photo diary of the process which I will be posting soon. The eyes were painted last which is the opposite of the portrait norm. I painted them while not in worship one night and in the morning it looked as someone came in and painted cartoon eyes on my painting. I went to prayer the next night and saw how to paint three dimensional eyes with lids, lashes, and tears.

The inspiration for this work came like this…

While in prayer one night, I saw Jesus tied to the whipping
In the shadows of a wall and doorway. It seemed dark
though in the middle of the day and His eyes were such a
beautiful shade of blue that they almost glowed.

His gaze was fixed upon me as waves of His love washed
over me. I could see that He was concentrating on His love for
me to gain stregnth to endure the coming torture. I could hear
Him say,” I love you, and My love is not fickle as is the love of
the world. This price that I pay is not too much for you.You are
worth it to Me. You will never have to fear that I might back
down, give up or walk away from My love for you. My love is
fiercely and eternally loyal. My love never quits and My love
never fails.”

I was impressed later and in prayer given instructions to
paint this vision and let everyone know that this is His love
for ALL of us ! As it became difficult to paint the wounds ,
Jesus reminded me that He did not pay a little bit of blood
for a little bit of healing.
As many artists have spared viewers
the emotional impact, they have spared them the revelation
of their value and too often, their healing as well.

May this work touch you and bless you , In Jesus Name

Is Christian Art Censored In Galleries Today?

Is The Message Of Christ Still Relevant In The Art World Today?

This question was asked recently on a forum when I brought up the question of censorship in many contemporary galleries when the subject was Christ. I was given well meaning advice like; if I was to show a view of Christ with an evil slant or perverted view I might be accepted. This advice was not given in mockery, rather as an artist helping a fellow artist. I view this as an act of kindness.

My response was; should I be allowed freedom of expression and be judged on artistic merit rather than conflicting views? Was this not the rule for other artists? What about the people who want this message?
This posed the question Why would that message be relevant now?
My answer was simple…the message of Christ is; I love you, unconditionally. In the chaotic world of today, love that heals rather than rejects is if anything. more relevnt than ever.

I took a piece of my work to our art museum recently for “Meet the Curator Day”. The painting I took was 6ft. tall and 5ft. wide and is very three dimensional. The lady curator for oil paintings by deceased artists loved my work and suggested the two top galleries in our city. The room was rather hushed and in came the curator of contemporary paintings who screamed out “That is a subject that I do not like!! It offends me… but it is a style that has never been seen before it must not be ignored!”

Of course, so far it has been ignored including the two galleries that were recommended by the curator. All things in Christ have their proper time, I am not worried.

To those who read this post, do you feel that the message of Christ is relevant today?

Do you feel that this message is censored in the art galleries today?

Do you feel that Christian art should work harder to go mainstream or work harder to create more venues for their own work?

All views are welcome but must be presented in a respectful manner.

“Winds of Change”

First in a Series of Prophetic Art

This painting is the result of a vision which took place in 1998. The painting was started at that time but was not completed until Summer of 2000, over a year before the tragic attacks on our nation, September 11, 2001.

In this vision, these tears of compassion were to be followed by a ROAR in defense of His People. He WILL arise and His enemies WILL be scattered! The scripture given with this work is from Psalm 82:8 which says, ‘Arise O God and judge the earth for thou shalt inherit all of the nations.’

My prayer is that this work will inspire many to pray for God’s Kingdom to come and His will to be done in Israel. In this time of wars and rumors of wars, we must pray for peace in Jerusalem and for our leaders to have the wisdom and courage to bless Her.